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1.   Terms of Reference

This report discusses the marketing plan for Lenovo PC which is the global second largest manufacture of PC. Appendix 1 has details about Lenovo.


15% of China’s server market has been shared by Lenovo in the second quarter (China CCM 2012). Lenovo ranked No. 1 in terms of the extent of attention by consumers in 2012 (ZOL 2012). There is still a promising market for PC in the years to come. All of this leads to a great business opportunity for Lenovo PC.


The objectives of the marketing planning exercising are as follows:

To invent new techniques and IT products and generate business from the large market.

To take the responsibility of leading PC manufacture to tap the new realm of IT techniques.

2.   Executive Summary

The marketing plan for Lenovo PC is designed to take into account the needs of potential consumers who make up a major part of the market. A brief investigation of external marketing environment helps to reveal the implications and hidden opportunities as well as threats for Lenovo. On the other hand, internal marketing audit largely influences the process of market decisions. SWOT analysis explains the transformation of Lenovo in the process of changing disadvantages into advantages as well as threats to opportunities and turn strengths into opportunities. The general and core strategy is formulated in the process of marketing audit and SWOT analysis. Finance, budgeting, organization implementing and control strategies are developed along with the development. The marketing plan is concluded with experience and the tips learnt from implementing it.


3.   BusinessMission

Making award-winning PC for customers has always been the goal of Lenovo as a global company. Just as the official slogan, New World, New Thinking, Lenovo has been always trying to make adaption to come up with the new world with innovation and creation (Baidu 2013). Operating as a company uninhibited by walls or organizational structures, we utilize the sources from the world to harness the power of innovation and creation across the team around the world. The innovative and exciting products and services that are designed to meet the needs of the customers are what Lenovo take into pride (Global Sources 2013).


Lenovo will create personal devices that will inspire more people to own it, creating a culture that people aspires to join. Lenovo is trying to display an enduring, trusted business to be well respected by its customers around the world. Becoming one of the world’s leading and greatest personal technology companies has always been in the pursuit of Lenovo (Lenovo 2013).

为个人设计一款让客户满意的电脑是联想一直以来最主要的目标,联想公司的口号是,新世界 新思维。联想也在为这一目标而努力,利用团队的创新和创造性,不断的开创新的产品,为能满足客户的需求而自豪。

Ways to accomplish the mission:

Convergence: Utilize ecosystem of devices, services, applications and content for people to take the lead of industry.

Personal Computers: To be the lead in the realm of PCs and be respected and trusted for the convenience and comfort Lenovo provides for the customers.

Culture: To cultivate an atmosphere of trust, respected to attract more cooperation. The famous 5Ps can best illustrate the culture of Lenovo (Lengendholdings 2013):

§  We PLAN before we pledge.

§  We PERFORM as we promise.

§  We PRIORITIZE the company first.

§  We PRACTICE improving every day.

§  We PIONEER new ideas.

It is the culture of Lenovo that enables the staff to consistently raise the bar on delivering break-through innovations, award-winning designs and outstanding financial performance.


The common aspiration of always being the best is shared by all the staff in Lenovo. This pursuit of perfection can be seen every where. When a customer is served, and when the staff is working as a team, and when the people are contributing to a society, and when every one is working hard to build a perfect company that is consistently delivering unparalleled products created and supported b people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences. A new language for inclusion and respect is being created when the staff is doing every single project. Lenovo is a place where the talents of the staff can be encouraged and stimulated and utilized to the maximum. What’s more, Lenovo recognize and reward the people’s talents. Therefore, an environment fostering entrepreneurism and ownership is created. Lenovo is a workplace where people's talents can be challenged and their efforts recognized and rewarded (MBAlib 2013).

4.   External Marketing Audit

In this section, a marketing plan is done for Lenovo PC and the plan would formulate the basis of an improvement of the company’s performance to achieve the objectives of the marketing plan (Kotler et al 2005). The audit finds its basis in realms of boundaries of the environment, opportunities and issues of strategy.

在本章中,一个良好的营销计划,是一个公司成败的最根本的因素,为了实现联想公司的营销计划,联想公司既有机遇,也有挑战。能否实现,既有宏观的环境的挑战,也有微观环境的影响。只有适应这种环境,才能在经济力量 政治力量 文化力量和技术力量中,取得比较明显的优势。利用好各种力量,最终才能成功。

The below External Marketing Audit include the analysis of the macro-environment as well as the micro-environment. It is the macro-environment that is consistently influencing the operation of the company and it is the micro-environment that is closely related to the company inherently (Kotler et al 2005).

Macro-environment means the major social forces that put threats and provide opportunities to the sales activities of enterprises (Mankiw 2011). The objective of analysis of macro-environment is to gain a better understanding of the environment and to achieve the objectives by adapting to the environment (Kotler 2008). 

Many forces can influence the macro-environment. Economical forces, demographic forces, natural forces, political forces, cultural forces and technological forces are all included. All the forces have an interaction with the company. (JPKC 2007)


Source: Adapted from JPKC 2007

Fig 1. Major forces of a Company’s Macro-environment

The force above in the chart clearly illustrates the interaction of a company and the six kinds of forces. It is clearly seen that the forces have an impact on the company respectively and the company also has its own impact on the several forces that make up for the macro-environment in which the company intimately operates.

1.1  The PESTEL Factors: Macro-environment

As is discussed above, there are many factors and forces influencing and interacting with the company that constitute the macro-environment. Despite the fact that the company itself has impact on the macro-environment since it is a process of interaction, the macro-environment can be barely changed or even controlled by the company through its own force, however strong and influential it is. As is shown in Fig 2, the macro-environment is consisted of political factors, environmental factors, social factors, technical factors, economical factors and legal factors, known as PESTEL factors in short (Kotler et al 2005).

In the next few paragraphs, the factors mentioned above which influence the macro-environment would be discussed respectively.


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