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the ICT service provides an instant interaction between cust


Also, the ICT service provides an instant interaction between customers/suppliers and the VW group. Any decision of the customers/suppliers can use their terminals such as mobile phone APPs, browsers pass through the integral ICT servers as a dynamic data to the background servers, then the routers automatically delivers these message to the responded department. And the same way but inverse way from the VW group inside to the outer users. These actions take no longer than a minus to do so and provide an integration of multi-accesses interface. All phone-call centers, online pages, actual office or mobile phone APPs sharing a same system database, and making same weights of action orders.

The third layer is an advanced application of the ICT services. The VW group applies many options to the ICT services, most of which related to the BI and DSS will be discussed in the next section in detail. Some of the advanced technologies of ICT are not included in BI and DSS; however, they are still very important to the VW group in the further development.

Moreover, one of the new technology applications is the next generation navigation systems. One of the most weighted series of the VW group is its vehicles manufacturing. Therefore, an ICT application of navigation is very important. As a classic traveling salesmen problem application, the auto-navigation system in this generation is static. Most of them, including the one current using in Volkswagen’s cars, simply point the destination and routes from the current location. The shortest path on the navigation system is the only optimal one on geometric. The new system, however, can provide a dynamic data to the drivers not only the destination of the route but also the condition of the roads. These functions are achieved from the chips inside the vehicles. It records the speed of every single car and the combustion efficiency of every single engine and send those data to the ICT center in real-time. Obviously low speed and low combustion efficiency, indicates traffic jam, moderate speed or high speed but low combustion efficiency, indicates that road is not very good, low speed but high combustion efficiency, indicates the driver drives the car slowly. Those data send from many different cars and the ICT system filtering invalid data then can sketch a dynamic map with traffics, and from those data, the navigation system can point a fastest route to the destination for its users. This is a more efficient and a more environment-friendly way with higher combustion efficiency and lower carbon dioxide omitted.



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I promised a few of you that I would discuss the requirements for the individual assignment you will be submitting for the IS0732 module with Mandy and Susannah. I have now done so and have put together the following information for your guidance:

The assignment brief states the following:


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