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The Place I Always Wanted to Go Back


I'm getting to miss my childhood life without any sorrow and anxiety when I grow upwhile I always want to go back to my old apartment where I spent my happiest time in my age from 4 to 13. Each time when I see the kids with a smile face, I really miss my laughter in their age. In fact, think of my childhood, it is a very happy time that young age with no pressure, no troubles, but naive smile.


In the quiet morning, with the sun shine going through the window to the room the entire room was like a quiet lake. This was a wonderful time that I stayed in my old apartment. In the room full of bright I always quietly watched every corner of the room. The quiet air was turned into sweet soothing notes flying in the room. Beside the window stood an easy short roundtable with no paint, which was twice of my height at that time. In the dark brown wood table there was a regular rugged and flat wood grain. The round table was always covered with layer of muddy dust like elves that every time I did my homework I always wanted to tease those elves to see they flying around like dancers jumping Waltz, while the orange lights circle was like their rotating skirts. I put the book on another clean desk to do my homework with solving all problems of my subject without anything left. When I used pencil to write the childlike happiness or complain in my diary, I felt very fulfilling that the time is not fleeting but a book filled with gentle sweet words which can be appreciated only by slowly reading. That old-fashioned large wardrobe, in which my neighbor children friends and I have often playing games of hide dodge. We hided in it again and again and had been found again for sure. I also miss the big windowsill I usually played toys on, the bathtub I usually dabbled in, the bed where I slept.


I miss my old apartment, a happy paradise, in which lived my humorous father, serious but lovely mother and me a lively and playful kid. Humorous stories, happened in the apartment every day, are memorable. In my memory, there was a competing war for television. One day when I was watching cartoon with relish, suddenly, cartoon turned to press! I found that my father changed the channel. I jumped up to grab the remote control as it is up to the most critical moment that I can’t miss. Dad also wanted to watch the press so he persuaded me, but it didn’t work. Then he seriously said to me: “Go back to your room to do your homework! Otherwise the next time I do not allow you to watch TV.” I saw my dad was solemn. Then I ran to the kitchen to ask my mother for help. One minute later, my father's cell phone rang he put down the remote control to answer the phone. At that time, I quickly picked up and tightly hold the remote control to change the channel in case of being snatched away again. Dad found it was a trick that nobody answered the phone, so he turned to me in front of the TV. My father angrily said: "You two play me." Dad was just going turned to me, here came a gentle and beautiful voice "dinner", and then I quickly ran to the dinner table and made a face toward my father. That is the end of so called war. Such funny things often happened in this apartment. The contradictions always occurred between my father and me, but always brought the family a lot of joy. My mother always resolved the contradiction at the crucial moment to avoid the occurrence of the war. If my father is the head of the family, my mother is the home of the spiritual pillar. She is a very good at cooking to make delicious food for my family. Although Mom’s outlook wasn’t strong, whenever the family encountered problems, my mother never chaotic sense of proportion but give some reasonable suggestions to Dad. My mother loves my father and me very much that no matter who was sick, my mother always took good care of until recuperated health. We formed such an ordinary but more than ordinary family. In my old apartment we live with happiness and the house always echoed with our laughter.


I also miss my neighbor children friend I grew up with. When I was young, I used to call some of my friends come my apartment to play plasticine. Each of us had a box of plasticine with which we could make many kinds of figures. We liked to put our figures together to find which one is the most beautiful and which one is the most creative and the latest odd. Many of us could make vivid small works and so did I.My greatest work was flowers that were vivid and beautiful like the drawing. We played not only plasticine but also holding dance parties together. When I saw children blowing bubbles I could not help thinking of my childhood dance party. This is a Barbie doll dance party. My neighbor children friends and I held a solemn dance party for our lovely dolls.  For the party we capped a piece of colored gauze on the box and placed dolls beside the dance floor in a line, and then the performance was going to begin. But I really want to do something to make the dance performance be an attractive one so that the idea of blowing bubbles came to my mind. As I remembered that a lot of bubble was flying when many stars sing on TV, We made a lot of bubble water by mixing the soap and the water to blow bubbles. The dolls danced happily, as if they were glad to have such a display platform.

The memory of my old apartment also realized me the meaning of an old saying goes that a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor. The time lived in the old apartment, my neighbors there often visited each other and chat without any gap. In case of any problems others came with, all of us would give a hand, in that way we formed a good relationship with helping each other in our neighborhood. One day after school, I came home to take the key to open the door as usual. But I failed to find my key that I sadly remember that this morning I put the key on the table without putting it back to my bag. No! Without the key how can I get into my house! My parents would work until 6:00 and I'm anxious to cry. Suddenly, I turned to my neighborhood and found that the door was open, I thought why not go to them to wait my parents. Nevertheless, I worried whether they allow me to come in. But I didn’t have another choice at that time so I went directly to the neighbor's door. I told Aunt Lee, my neighbor, the whole thing, then she let me stay that I was very grateful. Until dinner time, my mother did not come back. Aunt Lee said: "Feel free to have a supper here." Then she took the delicious meal on the table. After dinner about an hour and a half later, my mother hurried back, and I hastened out of the window: "Mom, I'm here!" I knew that the day my mother was hold on by company business, without Aunt Lee’s help I'm going to stand outside for a considerably long time.

My old apartment left me too many memories that I always wanted to go back. In the apartment there lived a warmth family and I had lovely neighbor children friends and hospitable neighbors. That old apartment was sold at last, in which I had a happy childhood life without any sorrow and anxiety and I really hope to be in that children happy mood again. This is the most gorgeous memory in my life but never come back.

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