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美国留学生term 代写assignment-The Experience of Yoga 体验瑜伽


         The Experience of Yoga 体验瑜伽


As a sport for fitness, Yoga has gain more and more popularity at the global scope hence it also raised my curiosity to have an attempt of it. However, I have known that even though Yoga is learnt by people around the world not many people can make it seem to be professional. For me if I have a keen interest I will devote all my heart and soul in it. Therefore I have made my determination to learn this intriguing sport. Before embarking on it, I carefully searched for information about Yoga online since I believe that if I want to excel in this sport I need to know its origin and history. Through comprehensive searching I came to know that Yoga actually has a history of more than 5000 years and it is originated from Northern India. Yoga can be very diverse since it is composed of many aspects such as chanting, posture. More importantly, the breathing exercise which is the key in Yoga can make people mediate with a peace of mind. In addition, I can also temporarily get away from the mundane world to experience the peaceful aspect of life. It needs to be mentioned that I am really fascinated by the mediation part of Yoga since it will calm my heart and mind.

With my keen interest in Yoga I made my determination to participate in Yoga class where there are professional teachers to guide us to learn Yoga. Stepping into the class


I was suddenly shocked by the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere I felt. On the grounds there are many learners lying on the carpet especially made for Yoga and it is of various colors. The music is played along so as to create a relaxing environment for people to mediate. I have to say that the music impressed me so much since it is so soothing and comforting. Furthermore, it can be easily observed that music has a tinge of Indian culture. Looking around there are serene expressions on each one’s face as if they have forgot all their troubles and difficulties. They are only enjoying the moment they are going through which is very intriguing to me. At a sudden, the teacher comes to me and says: “How do you feel so far, do you want to have a try of it?” Seeing the teacher dressed in traditional Yoga attire I am even more impressed and I answer without any hesitation: “Of course, I love it so much.” Therefore I immediately bring out my carpet for Yoga and sit on it to wait for the teacher to guide us. At the start the teacher only teaches us how to relax body and mind. Basically we just need to mediate for several minutes and the rhythm is quite slow. After that, we make some movements which are not so hard to me but I can still notice that I haven’t fully stretched myself as the teacher does. That is when I realize professionalism is of great significance. The music is still on and our movement is accompanied with the music perfectly. Chanting, breathing etc all make me feel comfortable and cozy as if I live in a place which is carefree. However, the challenging part of the class comes as the teacher makes some movement of high difficulty as if her body is wholly bended. I watch it with surprise thinking that it is almost impossible for me to do this. I hesitate but I try to do that later on. Nevertheless it seems that I can not complete the movement as the teacher tells us to do. While the teacher sees I have problem finishing the movement, she walks to me and try to correct some of my postures. She said: “Don’t worry, it is a relatively hard posture so only people professional enough can do it well. What you need is practice.” Hearing this I say; “Well, the movements made before are easy for me, but when I see you bend your body as such I don’t think I can do it.” to be honest I do not think I can really do something like that even tough I practice more. I am a bit frustrated by the barrier while practicing. However, noticing this the teacher comfortingly say: “It is not a problems really because we are start from scratch and it takes courage and determination to make breakthroughs. This is what exactly the spirit advocated by Yoga. If you really love this exercise you should firstly hold this spirit.” It dawned to me that what the teacher says does make sense since if I want to learn the soul of this exercise I need to acquire the genuine spirit of it. Then I say: “You are definitely right, teacher, I will practice more and see

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