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Next, let us talk about the political system of the United States. TheUnited Statesis a federal state, whose regime organization form is a presidential system, and it practices the political system of Separation of the Three Powers and counterbalance combination, as well as a political party of the two-party system. The U.S. Constitution provides the basic principles of the American political system, including: man’s natural right, natural rights, popular sovereignty and the right to limit government, non-legal rule of man, representative system, separation of powers and checks and balances, federalism, civilians’ power to control the military. As for the Presidential system: The president is head of the state and head of the government. The principle of implementing separation of powers and checks and balances: The three rights legislative, administrative and judicial are respectively in charge of the congress, the President and the courts. They can restrict each other to achieve the balance of power when the three departments exercise their rights. State legislative attributed the Congress, and the senate is composed of 100 people. Each state votes two persons to embody the equality between each state. The House of Representatives has 435 members at present, of which the corresponding number is selected according to the states population. Only the congress has the right to declare war in the separation of powers. President is elected by voters indirectly: the element of Electoral College to elect President is the corresponding number of voters who are selected by states. The President does not need to be responsible for the congress because the congress does no help with the electing. The congress has the legislative power and the president can veto the bill which is passed by the congress; however, the congress also can authorize to override the president’s veto under certain conditions. In America’s political system, the separation of powers can make every department become uncaused and can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each department. The government has no right to interfere with the independent actions of the judicial department. This type of regime in the United States directly shows the citizens’ wishes. The citizens can be directly involved in the political life and help to solve questions for the country, which all reflect the direct democracy [Andrew, H (2007)].

By comparison, firstly, we can know that the United States’ political system is more complete than China’s political system and its legal system is better than that of China’s. So I think the United States has more constrains, and the United States’ market has more standards, for the political system in the United States is so mature. It is difficult to get lots of profits under these conditions and restrictions. In contrast, the market system in China is less perfect, and many areas have no clear rules and laws; there will be fewer restrictions on business, so it is easy to obtain more profits.

Secondly, China has the third biggest land size and the most population in the world, and all kinds of resources are very abundant. China has been adopting a comparative

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