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In the contemporary world, social networks have become a valid platform where enterprises can expand their marketing activities to a wide range of customers. Okazaki and Taylor (2011) defined social networking as a technology innovation, which ensures people to display themselves and maintain customers through interacting with them. The platform has been transformed rapidly with the appearance of online advertising. Therefore, social networks offer a new mode for product marketing communication among which advertisement  is the most powerful tool. Miller (2011) stated that advertisements not only convey information but also are links contacting users with brands.  This essay will explore the relationship between social networks and advertising business, together with the reformed ways of communication between consumers and brands brought by the development of social networking. Firstly, there is a review of the relationship between social networks and advertisements. And then we go to the analysis part of study changes in advertising business and innovations in advertisers.


Advertising and social networks interacted with each other in recent years, and advertisements in social networking bring users a new way to know more about brands and products. To start with, most major social networking sites offer advertising options in their websites, ads on which value more when they are linked to the social networking. In other words, for advertisers social networking is a  valid way to expand incomes. For instance, Sarvary and Zubcqsek (2011) stated social networks attracted approximately $4.3 billion in worldwide advertising in 2010. Moreover, social networks are an effective pattern for advertisers to expand their marketing. That’s why investors spend money on social networking advertisements to  boost their business. More precisely, building confidence and trust is an effective way for advertisers to promote brands awareness on social networking since trust as a potential ability for advertisement is inevitable (Okazaki and Taylor, 2013). As a matter of fact, , thus, social networks play a significant role in creating relationship with their users form the global influence of ones such as Facebook and Twitter, which not just show individuals’ daily life, but enterprise practices of advertising industry. Lastly, online advertising business has transformed social networking platform. Advertisers  separate social networks into communities and marketing functions. That means advertising industry changes social networks from offering a platform for communicating to meeting the demands of consumers and providing a new mode for shopping. Weber (2007) claimed that social networks are used as a tool to connect users with products, shaping into a social connection network. Similarly, the social networking  improves the quality of marketers and increase diversity since different types of advertisements can display their brands to attract right target audiences.


Social networking produces a new way to exchange information and the development of which is also the most crucial business improvement these years. Indeed, most consumption social network develops from an individual platform into a professional application. Development in social networking is inevitable and the social networking has revolutionized the way  the advertising industry contacting with the market. In other words, the advertising industry is no longer isolated as a separated business to interact with consumers but combined to communicate and focus more on establishing connections.


Accordingly, the rapid development of social networking can be extremely advantageous for the tremendous revolution of advertising industry. In the first place, one of the main ways is to lower the cost. Social networking promotes products as a

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