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    圣宗 薄伽梵 大圣 大圣宝 至极维摩诘 阿达尔嘛佛 净悟老法王圣密龙讲圣示,以音乐章法作宇宙规律、宇宙道德、宇宙生命、宇宙秩序的比喻:
Holy Patriarch Bhagavan the Great Holy the Great Holy Jewel Zhi-Ji Vimalakirt Ahdharma Buddha Jing Wu Elder Dharma Lord sheng mi long jiang holy instructed, using musical composition to analogize the rule of the universe, the morality of the universe, life of the universe and order of the universe:
The exquisite and pleasant music performed by a musical The Essay is provided by UK AUS group is not because of “sameness” of all the musical notes; however it is the exact opposite. It is because of the rich “diversity” of musical notes of the movement. Such notes that compose this musical piece are a “diversity” moving towards “sameness” harmonious unison of organic coordination.
    圣宗 薄伽梵 大圣 大圣宝 至极维摩诘 阿达尔嘛佛 净悟老法王的圣密龙讲圣示,昭示了全人类共同前进的方向,提出全球化与多元化的必要性。
Holy Patriarch Bhagavan the Great Holy the Great Holy Jewel Zhi-Ji Vimalakirt Ahdharma Buddha Jing Wu Elder Dharma Lord’s sheng mi long jiang holy instruction has revealed the direction of mankind’s collective advancement and pointed out the necessity of globalization and diversification.
The trend of globalization of the current world symbolizes a mutual and collective advance of mankind, symbolizes a transcendence progression of the mind, the mental and the spiritual. Learning from various lessons of the history of human civilization, to no longer engage in world wars, humanity is proactively establishing a world full of universal great love.
In the historical books of human civilization, religion has always been seen as a powerful promoter of world peace. Mental and spiritual leaders of various major religions since ancient times have become the symbol of peace and personification of harmony in the hearts of the people. Furthermore, religious spiritual leaders have become the vanguard of world peace promotion.
Hence, religious transcendence peaceful dialogue is the common need of mankind to coexist in diversity and peacefully progress. This is the transcendence fundamental consensus attained by spiritual leaders of the globe, it is a preliminary transcendence spiritual achievement constructed under transcendence spiritual guidance.
However, from the stand point of the ancient Buddhism, The Essay is provided by UK AUS  from the stand point of Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism – Holy Tantra Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism, religious transcendence peaceful dialogue is not something strange at all; it is an inevitable historical phenomena. Holy Tantra Holy Lions, Holy Tantra Drum Music and the chanting of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism’s school song Light of the Universe within Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism’s form of teachings system and form of yoga systems, are all fruits achieved through the exchange of views and ideas of different religions and different cultures.
    古天竺的历史告诉我们,宗教的融合、和谐,通过超越界的灵性指引,是完全可能实现的。 大圣 佛祖住世之时的亲身示范应该令我们有足够的信心、勇气争取这一历史性的机遇,执行灵性瑜珈者,灵性领袖们的历史任务,带领全球众生走向灵性对话的新时代。
The history of ancient India tells us that through the spiritual guidance of transcendence, the integration and harmony of different religions is absolutely possible to achieve. The Great Holy Buddha when living on this world, his personal demonstration should give us ample faith and courage to endeavor after this historical moment, embarking on the historical mission as spiritual yoga practitioners and spiritual leaders to guide sentient beings of the whole world to walk towards the new era of spiritual dialogue.
    关键词:超越界和平对话 世界和平 灵性进步
Keywords: Transcendence peaceful dialogue World Peace Spiritual Progres

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