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美国Education assignment-高等教育的培养目标和企业



On one hand, recently, with the rapid development of science, technology and the international companies, there is an increasing trend that the international competitiveness rests on the innovation and delivering high value-added goods and services. Thus, with these great changes, the companies tend to change their recruitment requirements to pursue a higher international competitiveness. On the other land, as we all know, universities play an important part in cultivating the talents who can fit into the company quickly and make their contributions to the development of the company. But what the requirements of the companies for those graduates are? Are those graduates trained by those universities really meeting the needs of the companies? In order to find out these answers to facilitate the universities understand what the companies really emphasize, so that they can shape the graduates into the one with the skills and capabilities what the enterprises really focus on, a report named “Race to the Top” was done in 233 companies, among which 43% were small companies (with fewer than 100 employees), 27% came from companies with between 101 and 1000 employees and 30% were from large organizations.

该公司所强调的,不管是规模还是其他的方面,都和他们要求的惊人的相似,他们更加强调了软技能和硬技能。其中最重要的是沟通技巧,团队的工作技能的完整性,其次是智力能力和信心 个性。而硬技能就是他们的学习的知识和应用能力,在企业中,软技能更为被看重。

The report reveals what the companies emphasize, regardless of their size, is surprisingly similar. They attach more importance to “soft” skills other than technical or “hard” skills, among which the top three are communication skill, team-working skill and integrity, followed by intellectual ability, confidence and character/personality, while the “hard” skills of literacy viewed as significant were ranked 8th and 9th in terms of importance. What’s more, for international companies, the experience of studying abroad is increasingly stressed. This shows that the companies gradually put more importance in the “soft” skills.


Nevertheless, according to the survey on the top 10 capabilities employers are most satisfied with, it can be seen that what the employers are satisfied with are IT skills, a postgraduate qualification and good degree classification. However, unfortunately, what the companies consider as the most important factors in recruitment-communication skills were only ranked 16th in terms of employer satisfaction. This can reveal the fact that what the employers need has great gap with what the graduates can offer. To some extent, a lot of graduates can’t meet the real needs of companies.

What’s more, the recruitment media most companies adopt is online recruitment. Most of the companies think it the most effective way to recruit the talents they want. Aside from this way, there is another way for the employers to make good use of-universities careers advisory services, which have close relationship with the students and the companies. Actually, the universities career advisory services meet great challenges and don’t give full play of leading the students to be more “work-ready” and come into the employment with more commercial awareness due to the lack of the resources assigned to it by universities, the Government and by employers.

To sum up, this article uses a lot of statistics in the form of tables, indicating what the enterprises attach greatest importance to and the recruitment problems they meet. From this point, it stresses the characteristics the graduate shall have in order to get an advantaged position when searching for the job. Besides, it also puts forward some recommendations for the employers and universities and university careers services. For example, it asks the employers to recruit the graduates from a wider pool not just from a limited range.

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